Mompós: a destination desired by tourists

"A refined sample of Spanish colonial architecture in the New World". Thus describes the UNESCO Historic Center of Mompós,  a vital axis of religious tourism. Its narrow streets, through which the processions of Holy Week pass, are witness to the religious expressions that travelers can enjoy.

Mompós, is a city rich in traditions, its most iconic is the celebration of Holy Week. The celebration is full of religious acts. Inherited from the Spanish colonization, it has indigenous elements which over time were added to the tradition that make it unique and different, to other celebrations of the country and the world. This include the beautiful music interpreted during the processions (marches); Simply, something out of the ordinary.

At Easter, Mompós captivates travelers, who become faithful witnesses of devotion and catholic traditions, which are lived with fervor. This town anchored in the middle of the river Magdalena, beats at its own pace. Life cools in Mompós to the swinging breeze of the Magdalena River. It was founded in 1540 and is located six hours from Cartagena de Indias.

The Easter celebrations, which have taken place in Mompós since 1564, have not lost their sparkle after so many years. In fact, the Momposinos adorn the religious images that are carried in the processions, and that are all over the streets of the town, to remember the passion, the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A destination worth living, especially in the holy week, where locals and tourists fill their streets to worship and accompany Jesus Christ.

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