A look at the nocturnal Cartagena de Indias

Living Cartagena is a fascinating experience. It is not the same to see photos or post cards from the city than getting to know its beaches, standing above the old walls, and walking through the old streets of the Historical Center. And even though these places are a delight to visit during the day, at night time they are also charming, and more and more people chooses to visit them when the sun starts to hide.

Once the reddish sky from the sunset starts to turn into a night dark blue, the warm lights of the city turn on and give room to a new atmosphere, completely different from the one you live in the morning. The Historical Center and Getsemaní get filled with the sounds of music playing, where among different types of music you get to enjoy “boleros”, ballads, urban rhythms, and the contagious sounds from the drums enjoy by both, visitors and locals.Atardecer-en-Cartagena Touring Cartagena during the night is more practical than doing it when the sun hits with all its strength. The fresh breeze allows you to have a pleasant walk, or maybe having a romantic evening under the moon light and the classic lanterns and their faint yellow tones.Plazas-de-Cartagena-de-Noche Although the sun falls, the city doesn’t loose its spark. Along the different squares, people from different countries gather to talk, dine and taking some pictures. Artisans keep on selling their crafts by the old walls, the bars and restaurants start to get full of foreigners attracted by the fascinating experience of going through this imposing construction, while the sea breeze dances around with strength and you can hear the peaceful sound of the waves hitting the coastline.Muralla-de-noche A cheerful aura surrounds all of those who decide to stroll through Cartagena and discover all its nocturnal charms. The party is an important side of the inhabitant’s culture, that is why the best times are lived in the different clubs of the city. It is quite interesting to see how this city, a place full of stories from conquering times as well as tales charged with struggle and freedom, is now consolidated as an epicenter of fun times. There is no doubt of how these contrasts make of Cartagena something else.Chiva-en-Cartagena The Caribbean touch is present in every corner of Cartagena. Its parks, squares, bars and night clubs, all together provide an awesome environment for partying. Besides that, its unique and talented people are in charge of giving life to these old streets. Definitely visiting Cartagena is always a marvelous experience, but when you do it at night it might be the best one of your life.
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