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1968 Salsa Show and its live shows in Cartagena are the gateway to the wonderful world of salsa and all of the artistic expressions that feed on it. Presentación de bailarines en 1968 Salsa Show, imagen para ilustrar nota de shows en vivo en CartagenaMusic author Sue Steward, states that the first person to use the term “salsa” to refer to this musical genre, did so in 1968, and it was a Venezuelan radio disc jockey named Phidias Danilo Escalona, who was broadcasting a radio show called “The time for salsa”, which shared Latin music produced in New York in response to the bombing of rock music at that time.

Phidias Danilo Escalona says that he asked Richie Ray: - What do you play?

- What we do, we do with flavor. It's like the ketchup that gives food flavor.

- What's that about ketchup?!

- Well, that's a sauce that is used in the United States to put on the hamburger.

- Ah ...! So what you play is salsa? Well, ladies and gentlemen, let's listen now to the Salsa of Ricardo Ray and Bobby Cruz.Orquesta de 1968 Salsa Show, imagen para ilustrar nota de shows en vivo en CartagenaFrom that moment the term is popularized, and, in that same year, Richie Ray and Boby Cruz appear at the Cali Fair in the Panorama booth, and, for the first time, in 1968, the caleños dance “salsa”. Live shows Cartagena: This is precisely what 1968 Salsa Show seeks to convey with its programming, all the charm, taste and joy of this rhythm and the Cartagena rumba.

1968 Salsa Show, live shows Cartagena

Upon arriving at this beautiful theater, located in the vibrant and cozy neighborhood of Getsemaní, I could not help but marvel at the spectacular art deco decoration that envelops you in an atmosphere that transports us to the nightclubs of yesteryear, those of the golden era in which music magazines and live shows were the main course of the night. And, if 1968 Salsa Show stands out for something, it is precisely because of its live shows, that mix orchestra, DJ and, of course, presentations by expert dancers that delight us with their impressive choreographies and invite us to dance with them. bailarines y turistas en pista de paile de 1968 Salsa Show, imagen para ilustrar nota de shows en vivo en CartagenaI sat at one end of the long bar, making sure I had a good location to appreciate the movements of the dancers and try to learn some steps. At 10 p.m. the first presentation begins, and it leaves us all speechless and eager to appreciate much more. For someone who does not know how to dance very well, these dancers become super heroes whose special power is to spread emotion and flavor to all attendees, regardless of either their origin or their age.

After this magical show, an orchestra arrives, and it invites everyone to move their hips and fill the dance floor no matter how expert you are, because if you dare and let yourself go, some of the dancers can be your partners and personal teachers at the same time. This happened to me, and, although I was very afraid, the grace and charisma of the dancer made me fill with security and I enjoyed the two songs we danced. I don't know if she was honest with me, but when she finished dancing she told me that I had done very well and invited me to the free classes they offer on Wednesdays, so that I never stop enjoying it. I would have liked to be less nervous to remember her name, but she will surely remember me by having accidentally stepped on her foot once or twice while we danced. Turista bailando con bailarina de 1968 Salsa Show, imagen para ilustrar nota de Shows en vivo en Cartagena de IndiasIn 1968 the rumba extends until 4:00 in the morning and, thanks to its varied and complete programming, time flies by. What a good place to share all the charm, talent and color that live shows provide for unforgettable nights at La Fantástica.

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