Do you konw the wonders of the Plaza de San Diego?

Cartagena counts with many locations full of a special, magical and almost indescribable environment. The people, its architecture, their customs, the gastronomy, among other elements, make of the city a perfect setting to share pleasant moments with a good company. Most of the squares in the Historical Center and Getsemaní have amazing stories from past times and, although they have been restored with new adaptations and luxuries, they allow you to imagine what life was like before our days. During the mornings and evenings, the Plaza de San Diego is the favorite among students, who mostly train as artists in the institution located right in front.

In the past it was a slaves’ market, but thankfully today, apprentices from the different art branches use to gather in this place to practice what they have learned in the classroom. This youthful joy gives a bohemian style to the square that becomes into a witness of the talent, laughter and jokes among friends…Plaza San Diego Cartagena The San Diego neighborhood changed many years ago. It is now the epicenter of lodging and good food, with luxury boutique hotels and restaurants that offer both national and international delights. However, its square is a sign of the atmosphere of everydayness that once surrounded this warm place of the Historical Center.

To ease the thirst produced by Cartagena’s weather, nothing like a San Diego lemonade. It is so refreshing that you will take more than one, feeling all its citric flavor while you wait for a date or just let the time pass reading a book and relaxing in the square.

Sitting on a bench, under the shade of the large tree that protects the Plaza de San Diego from the sun, you can contemplate the old architecture that characterizes this city’s downtown, with its wooden balconies naturally ornamented by flowers and vines. It is without a doubt the right place to let your imagination fly.Plaza San Diego Cartagena In the afternoons the famous fried foods arrive at the corner of the Plaza de San Diego. Some people say that the “carimañolas” sold in this place are exquisite and have no match. In addition, around this square you can find some other street food stalls that offer the traditional delicacies of the local gastronomy.

Although you cannot contemplate the sunset in all its splendor, from the square you can access the Walled Cord where you can see how the sun seems to submerge in the sea, or maybe you can visit Las Bóvedas to purchase the best memories of Cartagena.

Bóvedas-en-Cartagena-de-Indias When the night arrives, the square lights up and around it you can find different restaurants that offer their dishes at tables under the moon light and chandeliers. Live music takes over the whole place and artisans show their products to curious tourists.Plaza-de-San-Diego-nocturna Getting to know the Plaza de San Diego is a rewarding experience, full of art and of the wonderful culture of Cartagena, live it!
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