Know the routes of the RUMBA in Cartagena de India

Cartagena is not only the tourist city, but it is also the capital of the rumba. It is very easy to find a "party" in every corner, street or house. The atmosphere that lives on the beaches is fantastic - at any moment it is a perfect place to put together the party and dance to the sound of a good set vallenato, bagpipe or papayera.

The reputation of rumbera city is due, above all, to the splendor and its amazing sites, specialized in different musical genres, for all kinds of tastes and budgets. The city attracts bohemian, romantic, classic, extravagant, avant-garde, traditional, provocative, reserved, large, small, discreet and the boisterous. There are more adjectives to define these magical scenarios that pay tribute to the Cartagena nights.
It is important to say that behind were the times when the rumba was concentrated in only one sector, because today there are different meeting points to start and end it.

Among the different areas of rumberas that the city offers, we can highlight the Calle del Arsenal in the Historical Center. It is the most famous place due to its prestigious restaurants, bars, nightclubs, squares, and bastions. It is where artists and prominent characters of the jet-set national and international come together. Of course, there are still some traditional places of Bocagrande and Laguito and more recently those located in the north of the city.

The magazine Dónde went "farra" or rumba a.k.a. a celebration for three consecutive nights through for all these sectors. The purpose was not only to head towards a new direction but of fulfilling the mission entrusted upon us to choose the best sites in the city and to recommend to our visitors where and how to enjoy Cartagena's nights better.


Calle del Arsenal, epicenter of the rumba

Calle del arsenalOur tour began at El Arsenal (the street that borders the Convention Center) and immediately began to enter the party environment.

We discovered the rumba is very diverse. This area meets all the requirements to have fun, enjoy the nightlife and enjoy the experience. Better said, we can say that in this sector the visitor goes "straight to it" in the matter of entertainment! There are abundant places to choose. Such as restaurants and terraces with breathtaking views, to San Felipe Castle and the beautiful Bay of Cartagena - even the most sought-after clubs and bars to get lost dancing the night away over many rhythms.

Among the most famous and renowned places to rumbear are Mister Babilla, La Carbonera, Cucayito and "to warm up": León de Baviera and Casa de la Cerveza, all wrapped in warm and welcoming environments, special for those who like to share with friends and have a great time.

Recommended: Restaurante - Bar León de Baviera Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 4:00 p.m. at 4:00 a.m. Ideal for rock lovers, who enjoy live music of the best local and national bands that thrill with classic rock melodies. León de Baviera also offers typical German food and a variety of beers from that country, served in a very original way.

2. Getsemaní, The Salsa Zone

A few meters from the Arsenal is the Getsemaní neighborhood. It is a legendary place both for its history and for the architecture that reflects its colonial streets. You will find traditional places in this area, such as Quiebra Canto. At Quiebra Canto you will hear the best salsa in the city! From time to time the sector has taken new energy with a series of masterful and very original sites that enjoy international fame - Cuban son genre and all kinds of Caribbean rhythms.

In Getsemaní, you will find anything your heart desires. If we were to qualify each bar, there are too many who would not pass the test. But others, without a doubt, have a lot of innovation, attention to detail, excellent customer service, fantastic music, and delicious gastronomy. For example, BAZURTO SOCIAL CLUB, a new bar-restaurant located behind Centennial Park left us excited. This enchantment was immediatly felt when we were welcomed by the staff! You have to try the cocktail of the house, named "El machacado": an explosive mixture of grapefruit, grapefruit, lime, lemon, tahiti, soda, rum, mint, and ice. It raised our "Bilirubin," - as the Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerra would say.

BAZURTO SOCIAL CLUB is the most original and ingenious place in the city. In this place, you will discover the essence, Cartagena. The DJ excites everyone with cumbia, bullerengue, porro, calypso, zuku, terapia, and champeta, among others Caribbean rhythms. The fusion of all these sounds is just an appetizer, since the most famous local and national artists and musicians play live. To be here is to recall what the Caribbean music festival was at its best. Its decoration also speaks of what we are - the Cartagena people. , Its walls show pictures with images that represent our emblematic idols, characters, and places.

The food in Cartagena is 100% authentic. We recommend trying meat in a post, with coconut rice and avocado salad, the Latin bruschettas, pastacones mounted with shrimps, with tomato and basil dice, or the snacks in the house like breaded shrimp and crabs. And for those who want to eat a stronger, there is nothing like rice with seafood and vegetables, paella-type - a real delight. We recharged our batteries, and with enthusiasm, we left there to follow the rumba. Bazurto Social Club is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

We continue to another spectacular place, the corner of the movement, as its slogan says, nothing less than CAFÉ HAVANAthat more than a place to enjoy its atmosphere, its music, its drinks and snacks, is a corner of Havana in Cartagena, which must be visited indisputably. The striking architecture of the building where it operates, on Calle de la Media Luna, with Calle del Guerrero, adds to its many attractions, reviewed in several national and international publications, such as the travel guide Travel + Leasure Magazine: who I recently posted the following comment:

"In the inhospitable Calle de la Media Luna, there is Havana Café. It is a bright and welcoming place where the walls are covered with black and white photos of the greats of Cuban music, such as Celia Cruz and Ibrahim Ferrer. The bar is the size of a bowling alley folded into a "U." On weekends, when it is filled to a critical mass, Café Havana goes from being a tavern to a ballroom. And when I was there, the crowd was momentarily silenced by the appearance of an impressive woman...even the music seemed to lose its place. But then the room regained its rhythm; it was the last beautiful moment in the history of this heartbreaking city. "

Areito Cultura & Son Bar is one of the favorite clubs for dancers who love Caribbean rhythms, with one of the most pleasant styles and environments in the city, which undoubtedly makes all visitors feel very good. They serve good cocktails and drinks for all tastes.

Areito also lends its facilities to the Crazy Salsa School, where foreigners who love Latin rhythms learn the basic steps to execute the basic movements or if you prefer to become expert dancers. You only need to stay one night to be registered forever in Areito, since the attention of your staff is surprising, cordial, affable and of excellent energy, which is reflected in the service.

"This place is for partygoers, for listening to music, for enjoying great cocktail or liquor or to talk. Their nights are very intense, fun and warm, which invite tourists and residents to enjoy themselves until dawn," says Rafael González Vizcaíno, manager.

Simbiosis Café Bar - The tour of Getsemaní ended with a flourish in the recently inaugurated Simbiosis. Stepping on the ground of the nightlife of the city, which is beginning to position itself as one of the best locations for rumba. Simbiosis has a vast selection of cocktails, liquors, soft drinks and beers from the best brands. One of its main attractions is its bar, served by a bartender who spreads joy and makes you feel the euphoria and the 'symbiosis' of the place.

3. Historical Center, the most famous place to dance

Here the rumba is historic, as is every place that encloses this magical scenario. And the nights in the walled city are unique and sublime. In this sector, the best thing is that while you have fun dancing, you can quickly meet famous national and international celebrities, who love the "corralito de piedra." They escape at times to have fun in rumbas

Recommended: The Plazas places to start or end the rumba. For the romantics, there is nothing like walking any of our squares and bastions with magical scenarios to listen to live music, get together, admire all kinds of street shows, drink and eat under the stars. The highest recommendation: Plaza San Pedro Claver, Plaza de los Coches, Santa Teresa, Santo Domingo, San Diego and Fernandez de Madrid.

* We hope that each site recommended here meets the expectations of all visitors and residents, because of the truth, we had a great time.
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