All are invited to Cartagena Restaurant Week

We close the first edition of the Cartagena Restaurant Week with more than 60 participating restaurants. During this culinary event, the restaurants will highlight the best ingredients of Cartagena´s culture, plus the influence of the culture from the neighbor countries and Europe. Professional chefs, organized equipment, and all the enthusiasm of Cartagena are prepared to welcome locals and tourists, to delight them with the exquisite flavors of the “Heroica”, from August 1st to August 10th in each of the restaurants enrolled at the event.

The Cartagena Chamber of Commerce, Redeban Multicolor, RCN Radio, Aviatur / AviaCaribbean, Grupo GELA and Movich Hotel, are the official sponsors of the first edition of the Cartagena Restaurant Week. This event converged all the restaurants to offer a 3-course menu (appetizer, main course and dessert or drink) at prices of $ 30,000 and $ 50,000 COP. It is worth mentioning that the drinks and other options of the restaurant menu will have an additional cost that must be assumed by the diner. The menus and their composition vary depending on the restaurant and may sometimes include a drink instead of the starter or dessert.

With an assigned budget for Public Relations, media, web development, social media ads (Instagram and Facebook), Google ads, billboards in strategic areas of the city, print, digital, audiovisual and radio media; this event that celebrates local and worldwide cuisine, has had a local and national coverage that continues inviting to participate in this festival of ingredients, flavors and creativity.

Online reservations were enabled on July 11th at the official event website,, and with more than 500 reservations, we start the first edition of Cartagena Restaurant Week. You can still access the official website, see the participating restaurants and choose the menu you like most by following the instructions on the page.

Welcome ALL to the Cartagena Restaurant Week!
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