Galleon Bucanero, the ship-museum of Cartagena

Stories of a long past sailing on the high seas, with majestic parties on board, are what the Bucanero Galleon must tell. A ship that was born as a dream, today its owners seek to turn it into the newest tourist attraction of Cartagena de Indias.

This galleon is a Brazilian vessel built in 1991, by Gerardo Batista Amaral. After he finished its creation, he decided to sail it to Cartagena de Indias, in a 28-day sailing, to commemorate the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America. Galeón Bucanero Ever since the Bucanero first moored in Cartagena’s waters, it was well received, standing out immediately as a point of recreation and tourism for selective groups of locals and visitors, who had the possibility to take tours around the city’s bay, full of party and cultural displays such as dances, theater, music, and gastronomy.

After 23 years, Batista, who calls himself “The Last Pirate of the Caribbean”, decided that the navigation status of the Bucanero had come to an end; now, this robust galleon serves as a museum, and anchors to tell stories about the life on the sea and the piracy of the XVI and XVII centuries.Galeón Bucanero This impressive ship, stage of films, documentaries produced by the BBC, soap operas, and tv commercials, such as the one used to launch the Copa America, will become the first ship-museum of Cartagena. By telling with a didactic, playful, and recreative way, and in a very close language, some of the history of the city, they try to establish themselves as an element of Cartagena’s identity.

The Bucanero perfectly recreates an ancient environment, and, thanks to the way is garnished, with vases, old bottles of wine, chests, cannons, paintings, swords, as well as a recreated kitchen and bedroom, among other elements, manages to describe perfectly how the galleons used to be.Galeón Bucanero Soon the Bucanero Galleon will open its doors as a museum at an affordable price. It will count with a Café that will operate from 10 am, a souvenir shop, and will continue to offer the service of restaurant-bar as it has been doing it for several years starting at 5 p.m., from where you can have a beautiful view of the Ánimas Bay. In addition, weekly activities will be carried out, among them, the gatherings linked to art and tradition.Galeón Bucanero Let yourself be surprised by the Bucanero Galleon, a ship that invites you to imagine, learn and enjoy.
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