The flavors of Cartagena’s cuisine

If there is something Cartagena stands out for, is by its exquisite gastronomical culture and the unique flavors that makes you feel crave and please. Cartagena tastes like coconut, carimañolas, posta cartagenera, green mango with salt, and sanchocho. Come on and savor the most delicious dishes Cartagena has to offer.

Fried Fish

This is the favorite dish for tourists, who enjoy all the Caribbean flavor in every bite. Nobody could resist a crunchy fried fish or a succulent stew, accompanied by coconut rice and patacones. A true delight from this region that you can find on the beaches and several restaurants, such as Los Pollitos, a place to enjoy traditional Cartagena’s dishes, including a tasteful mojarra with its juicy white meat.

Cazuela de Mariscos (Seafood Casserole)

A true delicacy you cannot miss when visiting the city. Cooked with different ingredients obtained from the sea, such as lobster, prawns, shrimps, fish, clams and squid. It is a stew that turns your mouth into water when you smell its intoxicating aroma. A true treasure from local gastronomy, a mix of flavors that you can enjoy, from beginning to end, in the recommended restaurant Palenqueras, a joyful, fresh and original place that specializes in different traditional dishes from the Pacific and Caribbean regions.Restaurante Palenquera Cartagena


Definitely, the seasoning of this region broths has no match. The Sancocho is another of the Caribbean flagship dishes, especially on the villages nearby Cartagena. Whether you prefer beef, chicken or fish, they are all perfectly seasoned and boiled in big pots with potatoes, yucca and ñame. Cooked over a wood stove, the sancocho will always be one of the favorite dishes in the region.

Chicharrón with yuca (pork skin with yucca)

Fried food is also an important part of the menu you can enjoy around. The chicharrón, or fried pork, is one of the favorite plates tourists and locals enjoy alike, and it usually comes with a side of yucca. To drink, what about a sweet and sour agua e’ panela? A beverage made out of water, lemon and panela. Whether you try them at breakfast, for lunch or dinner, this is a perfect combination that you can enjoy at Harvey, a restaurant that offers the best from the Colombian gastronomy. Without a doubt your palate will appreciate it.Chicharrones con yuca

Posta Cartagenera

Unrefined sugar or panela are not just used to sweeten drinks, but also as the main ingredient to prepare the exquisite posta cartagenera. Your mouth will experience an explosión of flavors and will reach the climax when you feel the syrup in every fiber. Its aroma, with a delightfull smell to clavitos, one of the favorite spices used in these kitchens, makes you want to keep eating and never stop. Accompanied with coconut rice, an avocado salad or guacamole, it is a dish designed to provide all the traditional flavor in each bite.

There is no doubt, Cartagena is recognized worldwide by its exquisite gastronomy, where restaurants have a large and diverse offer that make of these dishes some of the most delicious and desired of Colombia.
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