What do you eat at Easter in Cartagena?

Exquisite dishes, with fruits of this Caribbean land await tourists to know sensations never tasted. Lobster “to the termidor”, fillet don sancho, snook with tahine, grilled octopus, crunchy grouper, garlic crab molasses, Mediterranean octopus, taganga prawns, grilled snapper, lobster with garlic, pasta with crab sauce and lion-fish ceviche. All of them can be enjoyed in the restaurants of the city, specially during Easter.

By tradition, red meats are replaced by fish. To preserve the customs of the ancestors, Catholics refrain from consuming it on Fridays of Lent, which represents an attitude of reflection in preparation for Holy Week and Easter.

You can also read: Las 6 bebidas que te refrescarán en CartagenaSemana SantaIn the market there are products for all tastes, and in restaurants, especially in the ones of Cartagena, there are a variety of exquisite menus, with fish from the river and sea, lobsters, prawns, crab, shrimp, squid, and many other seafood.

Ceviches, rice with beans, mote of catfish, cheese mote, prawns in various preparations, fried fish, yam salad, mojarra cooked in coconut juice, green papaya salad, potato salad with egg and beet seasoned with mayonnaise, dried catfish with egg and coconut rice. They are all part of the rich and ancient gastronomic traditions of our Caribbean Coast.Semana SantaThese dishes become almost a sacred ritual, and they are mandatory in many coastal homes, which test the creativity of veterans in the art of cooking.

The most desired during Easter

Cartagena enjoys, usually during Easter, the Festival del Dulce, as a way to keep alive the popular traditions of the city. During this event, a homage is paid to the homemade sweet in squares, streets and shopping centers, always with the special participation of palenqueras, who prepare the delicacies that the festival attendees taste.

Typical local sweets
  • Leche o leche cortada (milk or sour milk).
  • Leche con coco (coconut milk).
  • Guayaba.
  • Mamey.
  • Plum.
  • Papaya.
  • Mango.
  • Yam.
  • Guandú.
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