Dónde Restaurant Week

Dónde Restaurant Week presents the ideal opportunity for restaurants, from different categories, to meet a wider audience and delight their senses with delicious dishes prepared by great chefs.

Dónde-Restaurant-Week-inglés From November the 30th to December the 9th this gastronomic festival will take place. It will count with the presence of some of the best restaurants Cartagena has to offer. Come and taste these exquisite Caribbean menus, influenced by the best of international cuisine.

How does it work?

There will be 10 days where the participating restaurants shall offer a three-course lunch and dinner menu (each one will count with 3 options). The range of prices goes from $35.000 COP to $55.000 (IVA included).

This provocative event includes the “Signature Cuisine”, which offers a diverse selection of restaurants with a different, but special, value, that goes from $90.000 COP, the lunch, to $120.000 COP, the dinner.

The main goal is for customers to visit the largest number of restaurants during the 10 days this event lasts, so they can taste and witness the wide gastronomic offer you can find in Cartagena.Donde Restaurant Week Cartagena

What are the advantages for participating in the Dónde Restaurant Week?

Every restaurant has to pay $90.000 COP (+ IVA) as an admission fee. It includes the following:

• 50 personalized menu guides for each restaurant.

• It is a business card that allows you to make your restaurant known to a new and wider public.

• It allows you to introduce new dishes during the event, that might as well be considered an addition to the permanent menu.

• It allows you to offer menus with appetizers, main courses, desserts, and beverages.

If you want to be part of this gastronomic festival, called Dónde Restaurant Week, you can sign up in here.
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