December, a month of joy and traditions from Cartagena

The romantic streets of the Historical Center of Cartagena de Indias shine with the fascinating Christmas ornamentation that decorates houses and monuments such as the walls and the Clock Tower. When December arrives, joy is experienced in every corner of the city. Tourists, attracted by the traditions of Cartagena, choose to enjoy the last month of the year in the amazing 'Heroica'.

The houses, shopping malls, city squares and parks are decorated with lights of different colors, Christmas trees or well-recreated cribs that stage the night of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a colorful spectacle that catches the attention of anyone who walks through the Historical Center of the city. People cannot avoid taking pictures with the giant Christmas trees that are placed in different places of the Walled City. These and other sculptures with different figures are attractive for locals and visitors.Alumbrado-navideño From the India Catalina park to the limits between downtown and Bocagrande, you can see a surprising Christmas lighting. Garnished for this special time, the Historical Center becomes the favorite of all.

On the other hand, 'El Niño Dios', which refers to the newborn Jesus Christ, is the most important figure of the Christmas season in Cartagena, to which the children ask for the gifts they want to receive, celebrating religious events in honor of their birth with songs accompanied by tambourines. The famous joy of this region is present at every moment of the year. Navidad-en-Cartagena The locals celebrate with wine, rum, stuffed turkey, pork legs, “natilla”, cakes, “hallacas” and “buñuelos”. This is what you eat and drink at Christmas, the cuisine that represents the culture of this great city. Even the breeze that walks through the streets of the Historical Center, in December is different. It is refreshing, the ideal companion to know every corner of the “Corralito de Piedra”. Luces-navideñas-en-Cartagena The holiday atmosphere in Cartagena is unique. This beautiful city delights with its traditions, with its hotels and its great gastronomic offer, becoming the ideal place to share special dates.
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