Colombia: A Country of Queens

Did you know that great personalities from Colombia and the world take the city of Cartagena de Indias in the month of March? Cartagena de Indias, as the main stage and host of the CNB National Beauty Contest, dresses up to receive hundreds of people who arrive to the city to enjoy the cultural tradition that evoke our parties in the framework of the acclaimed contest.

The CNB, consolidated as an international brand, is one of the most important fashion and prestige events in the country, where 23 beautiful Colombian candidates will compete for the title of Miss Colombia 2016. This contest coincided with the independence festivities of Cartagena, but with the change of date of Miss Universe, the CNB was forced to change the great event for the month of March 2017 with the aim of adjusting the participation of the Colombian sovereign in Miss Universe without impeding the Participation of the sovereign of the previous year. However, the joy, the flavor and the enthusiasm of the people of Cartagena continue intact, and with open arms they hope to receive many visitors to spread the magic of our city.

señorita colombia presentadores
Miss Colombian Presenters

I know that many of you must be wondering, and why is a queen chosen in Colombia? The answer is not as "light" as you imagine. A national beauty queen is chosen to be an ambassador committed to the social works of our country. In turn, it helps promote the nation's tourism through the beauty of these women, supporting different industries, artisan communities, promoting sports and supporting the country internationally.

What to do in the National Beauty Contest? They are different the events that revolve around this one and that invite you to enjoy the colorful of these holidays. Some of them charge a value per entry:

Swimsuit Parade: An event in which the 23 candidates to the CNB show their bodies in bathing suits and the show is enlivened by a fashionable musical group. This is the moment when, as attendees of the event, we take the candidate with the body best worked or more harmonious as a favorite to take the title.

señorita colombia traje de baño
Miss Colombia swimsuit

Handcrafted costume parade: An event of brilliance, colors and creativity, where craftsmen contribute their best techniques to represent, in a dress, the department of each candidate. Tonight a winner is chosen with the best suit.

Election Evening and Coronation: This is the decisive night, where the nerves take over even the viewer behind their TV scoring every score they give participants for their presentations. It's the night the country has its queen.

señorita colombia coronacion
Miss Colombia, Coronation

Why do we invite you to come? There are many reasons why you should stick to the plan to enjoy yourself from beginning to end this, that more than an event, it is a party; And one of the most important reasons is to penetrate our culture and get infected with the enthusiasm and joy of the people of Cartagena. You will not want to return after vibrating with the commissions of each department aspiring to the crown, to know their traditions and even their dialects. A meeting of cultures that you will want to relive when sharing with the different regions of the country in one place.

And of course, we can not leave aside the fact of visiting a beautiful city that offers a number of options to enjoy a typical Caribbean breakfast, an exquisite lunch for even the most demanding palates and a dinner under the moon of a city that It touches the hearts of its visitors with memorable experiences.

Not to mention a small archipelago that teaches you its islands and encourages you to walk on its white sand and to take a dip in its crystalline beaches; A walk through the narrow streets of the stone corralito and witness to its charm and romanticism; Ride a bicycle and walk its walls; Ride in a carriage and revive part of the history of the city; Have a good coffee or a cold beer to cool off the coastal climate; A good pizza in the Gethsemane neighborhood and many other activities that will surely leave your heart anchored in the Heroic, the House of the Queens.

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