The top square of Cartagena de Indias

The night was just beginning, but the Historical Center of Cartagena de Indias was already full of life. I walked with several friends looking for a place to chat, when we heard a guitar playing a majestic “bolero”. We followed its sound from the “Calle de la Factoría” and we arrive at the “Plaza Santo Domingo”. At that moment I could clearly hear the voice of a singer while he played the guitar in the crowded square.Plaza Santo Domingo In front of me, the Santo Domingo Convent stood imposing. The statue of the “Gorda Gertrudis”, created by famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero, lay reclining as usual, turning its back to the tourists and locals who enjoyed the restaurants around. The wooden tables arranged in the middle of the square, provided an elegant touch and suggested that this was the right place to talk with my friends.

We decided to sit and have some cocktails under the dim orange light that radiated a huge lantern. The music lulled me, and the fresh breeze made me feel calm; the “Plaza Santo Domingo” is the ideal place to enjoy a glass of wine, to share with special people for you, and contemplate the magic of the Walled City in a romantic and serene atmosphere.

There was a huge influx of people, but tranquility ruled in that place. When I looked around, I could only see faces of happiness; next to us there were carriages pulled by horses, and, above us, representing the priceless architecture of the city, beautiful balconies were located, which seem to watch everything from the heights. After we listen to a round of “boleros”, I saw a group of urban artists pass by, improvising lyrics among laughs.Plaza Santo Domingo Without a doubt, the “Plaza Santo Domingo” is a place where all kinds of cultural expressions and tastes come together. A mandatory destination for those who visit Cartagena and for locals who want to experience one of the greatest charms of the “Heroic City” (the way Cartagena is called).

After we finished the cocktails, we decided to keep walking the Historical Center’s streets, so we could get to know more of the beauty of Cartagena, which, as the song by Jaime Echavarría says, is a “pretty Caribbean and Colonial corner”.
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