Cartagena From a Drone

There is something we will never get bored about, and that something is the beauty of Cartagena. But, have you ever seen the city through a drone’s point of view?

The use of drones is a warranty of success. You cannot stop watching these images taken from the air, and you do it over and over, especially if the subject is the beloved, beautiful and sunny Cartagena.

We took a tour by some of the most charming corners of Cartagena. We did it at different times finding always the most beautiful scenes. A dream city full of absolute beauty, a magical place with wonderful landscapes frozen in time.

We flew over valuable and important constructions, gorgeous beaches, awesome structures, and, of course, the most important port of Colombia.

Manga Bay

Standing at Manga, one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Cartagena, you can watch the embellish bay decorated by hundreds of boats and the cranes of Cartagena’s Port. From this point, we got a great panoramic view that displays a big side of the city, and, at the same time, it highlights magnificent buildings and shows the current state of urban development.Cartagena desde el drone

Historical Center

The oldest neighborhood in Cartagena de Indias, is also the owner of an absolute beauty that has been really well kept over the years. From this place, we raise the drone and capture a collection of images that left us speechless. The great architectonical dimension, the old carriages thrown by horses, the colorful houses, as well as the graceful “palenqueras”, appear beautiful under the drone’s camera.Cartagena desde el drone


The modern site of the tourist district of Cartagena. It is located south from the Historical Center. It has the most popular beaches in Cartagena where tourists enjoy its golden sand. It has an amazing view to the Walled City and the tourist district, surrounded by luxurious hotels, residential buildings, malls, restaurants, and pubs. You won´t have to go very far to enjoy modern architecture, as well as the exclusive apartment towers built to adorn the bay, in the selective residential areas of El Laguito and Castillogrande. The time will never be enough for you to see the wonders Cartagena de Indias has to offer.Cartagena desde el drone
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