Cartagena, excellence in the hotel industry

Cartagena de Indias continues to position itself as a favorite destination for tourism in the world. Its streets, that evoke colonial times, the monuments and forts from a past full of stories to be known, and its exotic beaches, are some of the reasons why thousands of tourists arrive by cruise or plane to live their own adventure in the city.

Hotels that guarantee the safety and comfort of the tourists make of your stay in the city something unique and memorable. Cartagena counts with a five stars hotel, part of the GHL group, which recently received the Luxury Award recognition, in the category of the Best Romantic Hotel in South America in 2018, demonstrating the commitment of the hotel industry in its search for excellence.

The Bastion Luxury Hotel in Cartagena once again obtained the Luxury Award for its outstanding achievements in the international luxury hospitality industry.Bastion-Luxury-Hotel-Plan-Boda This hotel is renowned for its exceptional romantic environments that, combined with the walled exterior of Cartagena, make it the most luxurious “Hotel of love”. This award highlights the service and seeks to encourage selected hotels to continue improving itself.

In addition, the Luxury Bastión won several awards in 2017 such as: *Country Winner, in the category of Luxury Hotel. *Regional Winner, in the category of Luxury Historical Hotel. *Continent Winner, in the category of Luxury Architecture Design Hotel.

On the other hand, in 2016 it was also recognized as the best Luxury Romantic Hotel in these same awards. There is no doubt that this city of the Caribbean counts with all the attractions and commodities that make visitors want to return, and the Bastion Luxury stands out as one of the best choices to stay.
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