Cartagena de Indias: Endless flavors, textures and aromas

Air tickets purchased. Hotel booked. Tours reviewed. And the food? Many times we do not pay attention to the issue of food when planning a trip. We always solve it with a hamburger or a light meal on the street. But friends, did you know that when we create memories from multiple senses, they last until the last day of our existence? That is why certain places remind us of a special stage, or a special restaurant dish reminds us of our grandmother's seasoning. Flavors can be etched in our memory for a long time, and it is part of why Cartagena is such an unforgettable destination - we relive it whenever we can come across the unique Colombian/Caribbean tastes.
ingredientes del caribe
We board the plane and are seated with comfortable clothes, maybe sandals if you are a woman and flip flops for the guys. The sun hats and glasses help give it away that we are headed to the Caribbean and our smiles betray our high holiday spirit. Once we arrive in Cartagena, one of the most exotic and fun parts of the trip starts with the cuisine. The authentic flavors, Cartagena’s gastric traditions, ingredients and all the culture that lives in the city, can be enjoyed by travelers on any budget.
langostinos y mariscos

Why is it so unforgettable?

Happiness comes from savoring the pleasures of life. The expert hands of the best chefs in the city are a tremendous local blessing, specialists in pleasing their customers, wrapping them with love and joy with each emblematic dish in its different presentations. You can not return to your hometown without having tasted the aphrodisiac and delicious sea food, the textures hidden in tropical fruits, the wonderful fusion of flavors, and the irresistible, exotic aromas that waft from the restaurant windows. Walking down any street we smell of seafood, fish, coconut, bananas, fried, coastal cheese, egg arepas, sweets, sea, scones, cloves, among other ingredients, that grow and are found in our city, and in villages bordering the city center. These are the pleasures that give us happiness forever.
platos de cartagena
A few dishes not to miss: “posta cartagenera”, which is beef tenderloin cooked with panela (sugar cane juice), cloves, vegetables and caribbean spices. Coconut rice, sweetened with fried coconut milk.  A seafood casserole or seafood cream with the fruits of our sea, garlic and coconut milk. “Patacones pisao” are plantains crushed and fried with garlic. Of course, there are too many dishes to list.  But after a few days, the unique flavors we’ve enjoyed help us know that we came to Cartagena de Indias and we can’t wait to eat like this again!
picada de mariscos


A list of the 10 best rated restaurants, will help you take a memory in the memory of the senses and live part of our culture, through its colorful cuisine. The fusion of flavors, aromas and ingredients that came to the city to stay, are a product of the creativity and courage that chefs impregnate in their dishes, highlighting the Caribbean culture and a fine flirtation with elements alien to ours.
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