Cartagena de Indias, a city full of contrasts

"Contrast" is one of the words that best defines Cartagena de Indias, a place where different cultures merge. Its charm attracts tourists from different parts of the world and makes them fall in love with everything it has to offer.

The history of Cartagena can be discovered simply by observing. Finding from ancient fortifications to modern buildings. These are the evidences that remain of the different stages through which the city has crossed, staying present and remembering that each era has left a precious legacy.Fuerte del PastelilloYou can also be interested: Cartagena, a muse that inspires musicians and singers

But the buildings are not the only ones that contrast in La Heroica, this city that vibrates to the rhythm of the champeta and other dance genres, it is also the scene of classical music, folkloric dances, cheerful songs, party attitude, and at the same time, a serene vibe. Between its narrow streets and balconies, you will live a unique experience.

The contrasts of Cartagena are felt even in their environment, conservative but also uncomplicated. La Heroica is a place for all tastes, offering a variety of adventures, either in its natural attractions such as islands and parks, or in its forts, which coexist with the modern style of the city.Tierrabomba CartagenaCartagena de Indias is tradition, but also diversity and cultural influence. In this place visitors enjoy, dance, sing, sense all the magic of the Caribbean. Day or night, La Heroica is a good place to have fun or just relax, according to your preference. Beautiful beaches, fascinating museums, vast hotel offerings, haute cuisine restaurants, unforgettable monuments, unimaginable rumbas and happy people are waiting for you in this dream city.You can also read: Colors and flavors of Cartagena that make tourists go crazy

Taking a walk in the light of the moon and the street lanterns, in a street of the Historical Center, to the rhythm of boleros, will make you feel part of a romantic movie. It also contrasts with the sounds of drums and other instruments of local folklore, which they set dances in squares and parks, and produce a festive atmosphere.

Let yourself be seduced by the contrasts of Cartagena, a city with unparalleled charms!
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