Enjoy these beaches in Cartagena de Indias

If you are in Cartagena de Indias, and you want to take a sea bath, from “Manzanillo del Mar” to “El Laguito”, you will find great choices.

Do not forget that the swimming hours go from 6 in the morning to 6 at the evening. During these days there are a few restricted beaches due to the strong winds and the hazard that some of them possess.

As a beach visitor there are some rules that you must comply with, such as:
    • Do not go into restricted beaches.
    • You must not go into the water out of scheduled hours. Lifeguards only work from 7 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    • Do not go into the water under the effect of alcoholic drinks or hallucinogenic substances.
    • Do not bathe near the spurs.
    • Do not lose sight of children.
    • Check the weather reports.
    • Do not go immediately to deeper areas.
    • The precautionary measures are also directed to nautical sportsmen.Playas Cartagena

Playa Linda

It is the first beach you find upon entering “Manzanillo del Mar”. It is characterized by its high demand during the tourist season, besides the nautical sports it offers such as kitesurfing, practiced by a lot of people nowadays. The fried “mojarra” cooked by some natives is to died for, a true culinary delicacy.

Playa de Oro

After Playa Linda comes Playa de Oro. It may be named after its golden sand, or perhaps after the sun that never ceases to shine. It is a paradise where the sound of the sea delights the families that come to spend an afternoon with the children running around the beach or building castles on the sand.

Punta Icaco

At the end of “Manzanillo”, and going through a countryside road, the Caribbean Sea appears next to the increasing urban development of Bocagrande. This beach does not only offer a spectacular panoramic view of Cartagena, but also it might be what you have been looking for thanks to the low attendance of this place. It is the ideal location if you want some privacy and do not enjoy being surrounded by crowds.

Playa Blas El Teso

In the North Zone of the city you can find this beach that connects with “La Boquilla” and offers visitors cocktails, back massages, “Palenque style” braids, a menu with the best seafood, kite surfing practice, motor paragliding, in short, in here the fun only ends when you have to go.

Marbella’s beaches

The colorful “Cartagena” sign welcomes you. Take a selfie, share on your social networks and dive into the warm waters. The strong breezes that run in here, make you think that the water might be cold, but immediately you will notice that the warmth will help you to release all the stress you were carrying with.

Bocagrande’s beaches

With shopping centers, clothing boutiques, pharmacies, exclusive restaurants, luxurious hotels, and everything that this sector of the city offers, the beaches of this area are the favorite for those who want the combination of comfort with the enjoyment of a good beach.

Playa Las Velas

These are the beaches of “El Laguito”, famous for the practice of surfing, paddle surfing, and even windsurfing. If the forecasts indicate that it will be a good day with the perfect wind and water conditions, from 6 o’clock in the morning the lovers of these water sports fill the place and try not to loose any second.

Castillogrande’s beaches

In one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the city, the beaches of Castillogrande combine the magic of classic Cartagena with the majestic buildings of this sector.

Crespo’s beaches

These beaches are restricted from the gas station, near the Crespo’s bridge, to the “Suboficiales” Naval Club.
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