Anandá Boutique Hotel by Cosmos

ANANDÁ, word of the ancient Sanskrit that means “the deepest state of spiritual satisfaction, joy and supreme happiness.”

The Anandá Boutique Hotel by Cosmos is a colonial jewel that will transfer you to the 16th century, but without neglecting the exclusive attention of a hotel designed for executives, events and couples, in the most magical city of Colombia. Enjoy a cozy luxury boutique hotel in Cartagena full of charm and good taste.

A beautiful colonial-style house in the heart of the Historical Center of Cartagena is the perfect place to meet tradition, elegance and enjoy maximum comfort at “La Fantástica”. Let yourself be enveloped by the charm of its balconies and wooden corridors full of flowers of all colors, as well as the more than 2800 square meters and the 23 rooms with capacity for different accommodations that the hotel has. The house, built and inhabited by the military engineer, Don Antonio de Arévalo, during his participation in the building of the city walls, was restored to become the place where the magic of the colonial architecture of the walled city perfectly meets the highest technology. The traditional cistern or water tank, the pool, the open-air terrace with Jacuzzi, and the viewpoint overlooking the city, complement the space carefully designed for relaxation and rest

If you want to tour the city, the Anandá Boutique Hotel by Cosmos is an excellent starting point. Venture through important monuments and historical buildings such as The Cathedral of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, the Plaza Santo Domingo and the Palace of the Inquisition; you can also be seduced by the vibrant atmosphere of its streets, fashion boutiques, art galleries and gourmet restaurants, all impregnated with the warmth and friendliness of its people, which allows you to imagine, for a moment, life in the Caribbean during the colony. When you turn a corner, and without looking for it, you can find yourself facing the wall, the one that once defended the city from enemy attacks, and which centuries have become one of the most romantic places in the world, as well as an element essential to Cartagena’s identity and its historical and cultural heritage.

Anandá Boutique Hotel by Cosmos has a 24-hour reception service, Wi-Fi in all areas, Vedana Restaurant, specialized in typical local food, immediate medical assistance, massage service, laundry, bicycles, and all the necessary elements to convert the stay of its guests in a memorable experience.
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