At the Historic Center you dream awake

Happy and festive, this is how the nights are at the Historic Center of Cartagena de Indias. Just as the sun begins to hide, the atmosphere of party springs from the streets, from every foundation, from the ceilings, and especially from it´s "plazas" and the Caribbean rhythms which motivates the dawn.

Gente caminando en las calles del centro histórico
foreigners marveling at the color and romanticism of every colonial corner, carriages pulled by horses that embellish even more nights, groups of dancers cheering the atmosphere with their movements of hips and typical rhythms, "serenateros" that go table by table offering their services, vendors of souvenirs, and especially the locals... All this is part of the infinite beauty of this city.

Bailarines callejeros en la Plaza de la Trinidad

... And without putting your feet in a theater or museum, in all the beautiful streets of the Historic Center we can enjoy in the open air, all the artistic-street demonstrations that ingenious "Cartageneros" have invented in exchange for a few Colombian pesos.

It is here in the heart of Cartagena de Indias where a mojito tastes better or where a glass of wine is best savored if you drink it under the moonlight in one of the romantic "plazas" of the center. It is here where the sound of drums, at 11 o'clock at the corner of the Plaza de Santo Domingo or Plaza de Los Coches, sets the foreigners to dance. It is in La Heroica where a tropical fruit ice cream captivates tourists and where joy, customs and traditions infect all visitors.

Dance to the point of exhaustion, let yourself be wrapped up in the enchantment and enjoy this magical experience called Centro Histórico. Unforgettable.
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