The 7 most attractive streets of Getsemaní

Getsemaní, a neighborhood inhabited by locals and visited by tourists from all over the world, has the most striking and captivating displays of urban art you can find in Cartagena. The plans that you can enjoy in this neighborhood go from taking photos, to delight with the gastronomic offers of the multiple and cozy restaurants. In here we show you some of the most visited streets of Getsemaní and its attractions.

Calle de Las Tortugas

Between the Calle de Pacoa and the Calle del Concolón, the Calle de Las Tortugas is located. In there the most impressive graffiti make of this street one of the most famous among tourists and locals, who frequently visit it to either take pictures next to the marvelous creations of these artists from Cartagena or enjoy an exquisite local menu in one of its restaurants. It is a space to appreciate the urban art and take sensational photos.Calle-de-las-Tortugas en Getsemaní

Calle del Pozo

It is one of the most romantic and beautiful, and it leads to the homonymous square. In it are located different hostels and restaurants that captivate those who walk around. In ancient times it was a place of passage for the parades organized by the neighborhood inhabitants, today it is the ideal place to enjoy calmly the nights of Cartagena under its moon and cloudless sky. Without any doubt, when I think about this street the first idea that comes to my head is to take a glass of wine contemplating the endless sky, an atmosphere that seduces anyone who allows himself to enjoy it.

Calle de las Chancletas

By one of its corners it leads to the Plazuela del Pozo, and by the other to the emblematic shop “Las Tablitas”. Roses, creepers and colonial architecture are the elements that best describe the houses located in another of the famous streets of Getsemaní. It could be said that, in beauty, none other can match it, because it is always radiant and impeccable. It draws the attention of all visitors who stop to contemplate the houses designs and its colorful facades, while enjoying taking photos in this place.Calle-de-las-Chancletas en Getsemaní

Calle del Guerrero

It leads to the epicenter of Getsemaní’s night life, La Plaza de la Trinidad. However, it is famous by itself. The bars and restaurants located in it, invite to the delight of the visitors. It is an unmissable place for those who seek to spend the night in the company of friends, to dine, having a few drinks, or dance a little.

Calle del Arsenal

Definitely the most famous street of Getsemaní and the place where you find the “Zona Rosa” (party district). It is located on the shore of the bay and it is the point where you can find the best clubs in the city. An ideal space for night lovers who enjoy dancing, rumba and tons of fun. The waters of the bay, dark at night, get illuminated by the lights of Bocagrande. This is, without questions, an excellent choice to enjoy the best Cartagena has to offer, letting yourself be caught by the rhythms that you can hear in different clubs and bars.El arsenal cartagena

Calle de la Sierpe

When crossing the popular Calle de la Sierpe you will find its walls garnished with live colors, and at the end you can watch the famous Plaza de la Santísima Trinidad. The smell of delicious dishes prepared by various restaurants located in this street become the stars; omelettes, Italian food, seafood, among others, are the menus that delight the palates of those who decide to try them.

Calle de San Juan

This street is connected with the one of La Sierpe. Art is what stands out in this narrow and curved alley of Getsemaní, where we can appreciate in its walls graffiti art and representative paintings of the city. By observing the various colors that decorate the whole street, you will feel like dreaming among seas of ink. It is also a tempting option to gather with friends in cozy cafes and restaurants located on this site and surrounded by a unique artistic beauty.Calle-de-San-juan-en-Getsemaní
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