6 water sports that you can practice in Cartagena

A new year begins and with it we begin to organize our agenda and begin the hard work of finding where to travel to enjoy a warm vacation. January in Cartagena de Indias is a month of strong breezes, perfect to go and enjoy the beaches and the activities you can do in them.

See the list of 6 nautical sports you can do in Cartagena:


A very popular water sport alternative. You can practice between 1, 2 and 3 people. You do not need long hours of practice but you must keep in mind that kayak paddles will need your strength and tactics to push you. In Cartagena you can live this experience exploring the diversity of fauna and flora as you begin to leave the river behind and you find the Caribbean Sea.

Where? La Boquilla& quot;


A sport that can also be practiced on coasts. Sliding on the water, on a board that carries a sail, seems to have no complication, but to do it well, one must have great mastery of the waves and the wind. Depending on our ability to maneuver the board, the "pirouettes" we do with the sail and the gratefulness of the wind will help us to push it. Throughout the year you can practice this sport, however the best wind season in Cartagena is between the months of January, February, July, August, December.

Where? La Boquilla, Bocagrande and El Laguito & quot;/


It has a certain similarity with Windsurfing. You do not have to be an expert or have a sculpted body, what does require this sport is to have the skill, strength, resistance and coordination to hold the kite that holds the body through a harness.

Where? El Laguito and La Boquilla. & quot;/


One of the most enjoyable experiences because you can also interact with the plan and animal world in the depths of the sea. For this sport we suggest that you know how to swim and to start your adventure to do 2 or 3 previous dives and also learn to manage the snorkel equipment and the techniques to live a great experience underwater. This activity can be done anytime throughout the year.

Where? Islas del Rosario & quot;/


Surfing consists in keeping balance, sliding on a board, dragged by a wave, as long as possible and without falling into the water. Directing it through one or several keels located at the back of the board. In addition to good reflexes and balance, it demands a mastery of swimming and a great knowledge of the sea; so surfers can choose the best waves.

Where? El Laguito.


This is a fashionable sport, since it allows any human being the possibility of flying like a superhero. Designed to make precise maneuvers in the air above the water through hoses. The Flyboard is so easy to use that the first time you try it you will surely make a very good flight. This sport was made for men and women of all ages to practice at any time of the day.

Where? Islas del Rosario and Zona Norte de Cartagena.

Now we are ready to enjoy the city with some of the best plans. Water sports, beach, sand, sun and the best adventurous attitude to enjoy the landscapes and nature of Cartagena de Indias.
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