5 Popular Cocadas of Cartagena

Delights of the palate. That is the perfect description of the five most popular cocadas in Cartagena de Indias.

Cocadas are infamous throughout Latin America. They are a traditional coconut candy or confectionery popular in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile.

Although its name originates from coconut, some are made with sugar and others with panela. Throughout the passing of time other products and tropical fruits become favorite ingredients in cocadas.

You will find the authentic cocadas made by experts in the Portal of Los Dulces - Historical Center, taking into account the homemade recipes of tradition. For the best taste, ask for pineapple with coconut, coconut milk, coconut shell, guava with coconut and arequipe with coconut.

At Portal de Los Dulces you will find a delicious milk doll or a joy with coconut and anise, as well as sesame nougat. And of course, a delicious joy made with toasted millet, pieces of golden coconut, brown sugar, and anise.

It is said that whoever has not tried a cocada does not know the Caribbean-side of Colombia. If you are passing through the city do not miss the rich feeling that this "delicacy" produces on the palate.

The cocadas are preserved for more than 5 days with optimum qualities, although it can be consumed up to 15 days after its preparation.

Where to buy cocadas:

  • Palenqueras (Spanish-based creole language spoken in Colombia) that sell cocadas through the streets of the Center and other neighborhoods. They sell the cocadas in aluminum boxes on their head while balancing the inventory with elegance and dexterity.
  • Portal of Los Dulces
  • Malls
  • Shops
  • Candy Stores

Average Cost

Each cocada has a value of $ 600 in the Portal of Los Dulces.

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