Exhibition: Works by Leonardo Vergel

The 14 works are part of a series based on the street vendors of “raspa’o” (shaved ice served on a paper cone) with its wheelbarrows driven by bicycles as colorful as the “raspa’o” itself. They garnish the streets of Cartagena to the sound of the seller yelling the delicious flavors you can order, such as tamarind, chewing gum, “kola”, among others. Whether it is worth 1.000 or 1.500 COP, adding the tasty “lecherita” (condensed milk), it is the favorite refreshing drink of locals.

This art is a reflection of what the author sees every day. “The little things that we take for granted are, without taking notice, the ones that bring color and life to the city”, says author Leonardo Vergel. Obra-de-Leonardo-Vergel

Manufacturing: Mixed, acrylic + vinyl + recycled cardboard.

Address: Getsemaní, Calle San Juan # 25-122.

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