Cartagena: Always the best memories

it is really awesome to travel somewhere away from home, specially when the destinationshows amazing landscapes and the perfect weather to forget about all worries. But the most satisfying part is that, besides the heat and the cultural differences, people always welcome you with a huge smile, and treat you as one of their own. It is really easy to forget about the outside world when you are in Cartagena.

After I spend a few hours in this charming Caribbean city, I was overwhelmed by the joy and spontaneity of its people. With no filters, they tell you how they see and experience life, and gladly invite you to be a part of their own experiences. Turistas en Cartagena de Indias An everlasting happy mood and the contagious rhythm people show with every move they make, are the perfect reason for you to fall in love with this city. Without a doubt it is a place that will enchants you and that you will carry within your best memories.

I can not say Cartagena is a cheap place to visit, but when you are in it, you do not need to be a millionaire to have a wonderful time. In my particular case, a traveler with a fairly limited budget, I enjoyed myself every second, and had several days full of memorable adventures. There is nothing better than walk around the Getsemaní neighborhood, with its beautiful streets and its enormous human warmth. And what to say about the breathless Historical Center, where you do not only get to learn about the city’s history, but also become a part of it.Viajar a Cartagena Colombia These places have a unique atmosphere that turn them into cosmopolitan and cinematographic scenarios. People from all over the world gather in here together to share and feel the good energy that emanates from the city. Indeed, Cartagena is the ideal place for a romantic proposal and a dreamy honey moon, as well as a friends getaway or an unforgettable family meeting. It is the main location for business congresses, who choose this Caribbean paradise because they know that it always gives you something more. That something that you can not describe with words, but that makes you cling to it and want to return soon.

I can not say goodbye without telling you the fun I had jogging around Manga’s bay. Whether it was early in the morning or at dusk, I was always recharged and ready for a fun day at the beach, or a party night full of flavor. And, at the risk of turning it into a popular place among tourists, I want to recommend you a disco where locals display all of their dancing skills enjoying classic and modern Salsa, as well as the contagious African Champeta. It is the traditional Vueltabajero, located in front of Los Caracoles, a place outside the tourist attractions area, but the perfect one to enjoy a fun party night in Cartagena. It is the place to be and enjoy a pleasant evening in which you will always feel welcome.Plaza Santo Domingo Cartagena See you soon Cartagena. I hope it won’t be too long before I can be walking again on its beautiful streets. I hope to be back really soon to enjoy the best Cartagena has to share with the world: Its people.
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